Per the State of Hawaii’s Emergency Orders for COVID-19 Pandemic, we are reopened starting July 1st only for Hawaii residents who are not under quarantine requirements.  We are also accepting reservations for non-resident guests for check-ins beginning August 1st with the following restrictions:

– We can only accept bookings for non-quarantining guests. It is against state law and state emergency orders to quarantine in a vacation rental. If you will be quarantining you may only do so in a Hotel or Motel. You will be required to show proof of Non-quarantine status to check-in at Pali Hale. 
– Beginning August 1st, to avoid quarantine requirements, guests who will be flying in from outside the state of Hawaii must provide proof of a recent negative COVID-19 PCR test upon arrival in Hawaii, as well as upon or prior to check-in at Pali Hale.

Please find updated information on Hawaii travel information on the Hawaii Tourism Authority Website and the Hawaii Department of Transportation Website.