Star Gazing and Night Sky / Astrophotography in Hawaii

Pali Hale: A Bortle Class 2 (Alt Bortle Class 1) Location

Interested in Hawaii star gazing or night sky photography? Mauna Kea and Kilauea are both popular spots for night-sky/astrophotography and star gazing, and both are within easy driving distance from Pali Hale and highly recommended for amateur and enthusiast astronomers and astrophotographers. But right in our oceanfront back yard at Pali Hale is also an amazing place to star gaze or try your hand at night sky photography.  Pali Hale is located on Kaloli Point, in Kea’au, sufficiently outside Hilo, extremely low light pollution and incredibly dark skies and bright stars, excellent night and deep sky photos can be taken from Pali Hale, of course weather permitting. Like Mauna Kea, we’re a Bortle Class 2 location (Class 1 adjusted with Alternative Bortle scale). With the ocean background, the lava terrain, and our three coconut trees on the Pali, you also have some incredible horizon and foreground subjects to work with.  Full moons over the ocean are also amazing compositions at Pali Hale as well.

Zenith sky brightness at Pali Hale

Artificial brightness: 12.9 μcd/m2
Total Brightness: 0.184 mcd/m2
Ratio to Natural Brightness: 0.0755
SQM: 21.92 mag./arc sec2
Bortle Scale: Class 2
Alternative Bortle Scale: Class 1
Naked Eye Limiting Magnitude: 7.0-7.5
Elevation: 12 meters